Vintage Motorcycles have always been a part of my life.

At a young age I was taught the value of maintaining and restoring antique and vintage cars and motorcycles. My Dad’s garage at home was always full of 1940’s to 1960’s cars and motorcycles in one state of restoration or another. Alongside my Father I worked on Vintage American, British and Japanese motorcycles since my early teens. I learned a lot about working on, and appreciating older vehicles for their unique features and design elements that had become things of the past. The idea of resurrecting and preserving these machines for future generations was always in the forefront.

As a young adult I developed a reverence for Classic and Vintage BMW motorcycles. I could not put my finger on the specific reason I was drawn to the marque – as it was a brand I had not been exposed to before. My Dad, Brother and I frequently attended Vintage Motorcycle shows – and if there was a Beemer there – that’s where you ‘d find me. I recall a beautifully restored R69S at one show, that really struck me with its beauty – after that the hook was in for good. I had to have one..

Fast forward a few years – and I locate a 1963 R69S close by for a reasonable price. It needed a complete mechanical restoration to be a reliable rider. As I began the process of gathering parts, information and tools to complete this work, I experienced – first hand – the engineering excellence that went into these machines. The detail and perfection that was used in the design and manufacture of these machines was like nothing I had seen before. I was in love.

In my professional career I have been responsible for Mechanical Engineering and Product Development of many types. These disciplines include Metal Fabrication, Finishing, Machining, Casting, Electrical and Electronics, Plating and Polishing as well as Project Management, Procurement (Purchasing) and Customer Service.  I have attended specialized training in Project Management, Casting Technology, Jig and Fixture Design and Sheet Metal Fabrication. These skills, learned and practiced for over 20 years, are what I bring to the art of Motorcycle Restoration. These specialized skills and knowledge provide me with the ability to provide you with an Award-winning Restoration or Quality Repair.

My years in working in Manufacturing and Customer Service have given me knowledge and professionalism to solve any issue that might come up. Karen, my Business Partner and Wife of 20 years is an experienced accountant and takes meticulous care of the books – making sure all of the T’s are crossed and the I’s dotted. This way, you get professional and personable communication related to your restoration or repair project.

We have completed many Award Winning Restorations and Quality repairs – and always to our customers’ satisfaction. Visit our Gallery to see some of our Award Winning Restorations.

Regardless of what work we perform for you – from a simple repair to a full 100 Point Restoration, we at Vintage Sales and Restorations will always strive to exceed your expectations – and deliver to you a machine or service that we and you can be proud of.