Suspension & Frame

After the many thousands of miles and decades of service these machines have provided, most have had some “interactions” that have left the suspension and frame in less than perfect condition. If this is the case with your machine, here’s what we can do for you:

  • Frame Straightening & Repair
  • Swing arm Straightening and Repair
  • Front and Rear Swing arm bearing replacement
  • Steering Head Bearings
  • ā€œSā€ model Steering Damper Service
  • Shock Absorber rebuilding and restoration
  • Paint and Pin Striping
We always have the frame made straight before we start a rebuild or restoration. The cost is reasonable and results in a stable machine. Nearly 100% of the dozens of frames we have worked on have needed some adjustment.
The pivot bearings in the front and rear swing arms often don’t get the lubrication they need. They often get damaged by rust caused by high pressure water penetration. Never use a high pressure sprayer to clean around your swing arm pivot points.