Transmission / Final Drive

We offer complete service, repair and restoration of transmissions and final drive assemblies for BMW motorcycles made before 1970.

These assemblies contain gaskets, seals and bearings that must be renewed from time to time. This is always the case with bikes that have been in long term storage. Even if your machine has only been in storage for a few years, the seals at the input and output shafts will often fail when you begin to ride again, causing many problems.

We use new seals made of a modern material called Viton. This material has been a great help to air cooled motors due to its extreme heat tolerance and long life. Viton is also impervious to most modern chemicals and lubricants – so they last and last.

The bearings in these assemblies can last a lifetime if properly cared for – this is, unfortunately, rarely the case. The good news is that these bearings are all currently available, of high quality and are fairly inexpensive.

Both transmissions and final drive assemblies require special adjustments during assembly through the use of shims to insure proper operation. We have the special tools and knowledge to do this right – the first time.

You can choose for Vintage Sales and Restorations to restore the case of your Transmission or Final Drive if you like – or it can be simply cleaned. Hardware restoration or polishing and plating of levers are also available options.